Factor Chandelier Shares New Single/Video “Ridin Around (Sixo)”

Earlier this year Canadian producer/artist Factor Chandelier released the album First Storm (Fake Four Inc.). What was supposed to be an album that would cement his increasing legacy as an astute beatmaker, the pandemic slowed his progress limiting the album’s reach. Like many others with a tour in support of the album, cancellations decreased the reach of the release.

While Factor was forced to remain in his studio, First Storm did manage to receive critical praise. Unmoved by the stutter-step, he returns with a new album in tow entitled Eastlake, out November 26th, an instrumental release that was fueled by both the unexpected damage sustained to his home studio during the pandemic. With his signature style, Factor moves through atmospheric tracks with ease. “Ridin Around (Sixo)” clearly showcases that within the music of the new video he shares today, which is an ode to fellow beatmaker and friend Scotty Trimble.