Emmett Kai Shares Video "High For Weeks"

Self-described freak-pop musician Emmett Kai, unveiled the first installment in an ambitious release schedule planned for 2020 this morning via the release of “High For Weeks.” This first new offering of the decade from the multi-faceted artist is full of the infectious Lo-Fi Pop, with stadium-sized-like production, that garnered high praise and a growing following for Kai over the past couple of years. 

Over the first half of 2020, Emmett will be releasing new music, waterfall-style, eventually building into a larger release under a different name – allowing fans to witness the album gradually come together right in front of their eyes. In doing so, Emmett is embracing the new meaning of an “album” in the streaming age and taking advantage of the uniquely modern ability to create and adjust a project in real-time. 

About “High For Weeks,” Emmett Kai offers:

“I wanted to write a song for people with low self-esteem or confusion of self. Being in the age of social media and growing up in a secluded atmosphere can lead to feeling isolated & misunderstood. If I could write a song that encouraged me to happily be myself, maybe it would encourage others in the same position to do the same.”