Eddie Chacon Shares “Holy Hell”

Today, Eddie Chacon announces his signing to Stones Throw and shares his new John Carroll Kirby-produced single/video, “Holy Hell.” In the “Holy Hell” video, directed by Sissy Chacon, Eddie Chacon drives around Los Angeles in a salvation-themed car and is inspired by eccentric men of visions who are inspired to spread the gospel and share messages of love and repentance. Chacon says: “In ‘Holy Hell’ I’m talking about how we forget that our happiness is determined by our headspace and how it’s up to us whether we want to live our brief time here on Earth in heaven or hell.”

Chacon adds: “After so many years without an outlet for my music I’m so grateful to be back doing what I have loved the most throughout my life. The Success of Pleasure, Joy and Happiness was such a surprise because it was a record about closure for me. I expected it to be a final goodbye to music as a way of letting go and moving on. Being invited to join the Stones Throw family is an opportunity I never thought I’d have in my life.”