Dr. Dog Share New Single “Tell Your Friends” 

Dr. Dog today shared their new single “Tell Your Friends,” the latest offering from their forthcoming self-titled album—and first LP in six years—due out July 19th, 2024. In contrast to the “full-blown, psychedelic soundscape” (Paste, Best Songs of April) found on lead single “Talk Is Cheap,” the sweetly nostalgic new track is adorned with delicate piano work and scratchy beats. It’s also the first song in Dr. Dog’s decades-long history written by drummer Eric Slick. “I immediately loved the beautiful simplicity of it,” says lead guitarist Scott McMicken. “Eric ended up playing guitar instead of drums, and we decided to present it in a very minimalistic way that seemed to fit with something so catchy and timeless.”

“Talk Is Cheap” and its video—which followed the standalone single and additional album track, “Still Can’t Believe”—offered a fitting introduction to the new record, embodying the essence of Dr. Dog: a collection that stays true to the band’s ever-eclectic and animated spirit, shifting from soul to surf-rock to symphonic pop with an exuberance made all the more impactful by their revitalized creative energy.

When it came time to create their 11th studio album, the Philadelphia-bred band adopted an entirely new way of working together, embracing a multilayered process designed to foster an even deeper synergy among its five members (McMicken, Slick, bassist Toby Leaman, rhythm guitarist Frank McElroy, and keyboardist Zach Miller). Dr. Dog began their journey with a close-knit session at Leaman’s uncle’s cabin, and steadily made their way toward the joyfully unfettered psych-rock of their new self-titled LP. Dr. Dog reveals a band–over twenty years into their storied career–growing together and evolving, fully committed to the singular work of dreaming up songs that brighten the mind and expand the soul.

Mixed by multi-Grammy-winner Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Drive-By Truckers), Dr. Dog finds McMicken taking the helm as producer for the first time in the history of the decidedly egalitarian band. The album was made in three distinct phases, first taking shape during a five-day stint at the Pennsylvania cabin, where the band recorded live to McMicken’s 8-track tape machine with no rehearsal and no overdubs. “For this record there was an emphasis on creating something very soulful and live-feeling, which meant starting with all of us looking each other in the eye and connecting to the music,” says McMicken. “The idea was, ‘Let’s be loose, let’s not overthink.’ The more you can let go of that fear of being imperfect, the more you open yourself up to deeper expression.” The band tracked nearly two dozen songs at the cabin, and then each member returned home and immersed himself in adding new texture and detail to those free-flowing recordings. Dr. Dog met up again for the third and final phase at their Philadelphia studio, where they reviewed the revised material and finalized each track before rounding out the album with their signature five-part harmonies.