Divide and Dissolve Share Single/Video “Denial”

Gas Lit (Invada Records) is the new release set to drop by the multidimensional duo Divide and Dissolve on January 29th, 2021. It was produced by Ruban Neilson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. In anticipation of the album, the band shared the second single and powerful video “Denial” which encapsulates their message behind the music: to undermine and destroy the white supremacist colonial framework and to fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black and Indigenous Liberation, Water, Earth, and Indigenous land given back. This isn’t something new for Divide & Dissolve as it has championed these issues for quite some time.

The new single is a potent blend of ominous and unsettling sax that blows wide open into colossal riffs for almost eight glorious minutes. The accompanying video was shot in Taupo, Aotearoa by notable indigenous music video director Amber Beaton at the end of the southern hemisphere’s winter. 

Director Amber Beaton comments, “I’m a huge fan of D/D and so happy to have made this video for them. I understand and appreciate the message behind the music and I wanted to make sure the video held the same intentions no matter how subtle. For instance, we start off with a shot of a Kōwhai tree. Native to Aotearoa, Kōwhai in bloom signifies to Māori that some seafood is ready for harvest, the roots can be used to make fishing hooks, the sap on the sunny side of the tree can be used to heal wounds… but the vibrancy of the yellow flower was also the first thing Captain Cook saw when he arrived on the shores of Aotearoa signaling the start of colonial violence on this whenua/land. The changing colors of its flower in the video represents our change as a country and as people since that fateful arrival.”