Des Rocks Shares “Imaginary friends”

Des Rocs released the official video for “Imaginary Friends” from his debut album, A Real Good Person In A Real Bad Place. The “Imaginary Friends” music video tells the story of a bullied young boy’s escapist fantasy, featuring his imaginary friends, an array of outcasts and misfits, along with Des Rocs himself. It is eccentric and action-packed as it follows the boy’s vibrant imagination into Des Rocs’ spectacular and grungy wonderland. Des Rocs also announced a limited run of autographed, blood-red vinyl LPs. Pre-order here

“Growing up I often felt like a fish out of water, retreating from the corners of my own imagination and seeking comfort in creatures of my own creation,” explains Des Rocs. “Imaginary Friends are not only a mechanism of escape in times of darkness and doubt, but most importantly a source of strength.”