Delacey Shares “Drama Queen”

LA singer and multi-platinum songwriter Delacey has released her newest single “Drama Queen,” accompanied by a Harper Smith-directed official video for the song. Set in the heart of Texas, Delacey embodies the lonesome country crooner, with the dusty, harmonica-soaked single powered by her undeniable voice. Styled by Lindsay Grosswendt, the rich visuals of horses and the expansive Texas countryside are juxtaposed by incredible designer vintage looks reminiscent of more glamorous pageantry.  

Here’s Delacey on the single: “‘Drama Queen’ was exactly my name in my grandma’s contacts up until her dying day. This song spilled out of me after I picked a fight with my significant other, caused a scene in a public park and walked all the way home just for the dramatics of it. A lot of people close to me will attest to my flair for the dramatics. This was my way of expressing ‘sorry’ and also ‘you love me.’ I’ll never change.!”

Director Harper Smith weighed in as well,  “Delacey is the kind of artist that you fall more in love with each listen of a particular song. For me, ’Drama Queen’ was on repeat and each time, I felt I experienced something new or picked up on a nuance I hadn’t noticed before. It’s been an honor to collaborate creatively with someone who not only has the ability to write beautiful music, but also brings it to life with her beauty and vocal performance.”

In March, Delacey released the album’s first single, “Boy With The Blues,” a dreamy, slow burning indie-pop song that takes on the subject of intense love, both the bad and the good. The single is accompanied by the Danica Kleinknecht-directed video, shot on film in Marina Del Rey. Watch it HERE.

Both singles are off her forthcoming new album The Girl Has A Dream, written and produced with frequent collaborator Ido Zmishlany (Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato) in upstate New York. The album is lined in acoustic guitar, banjo, and piano, and dotted with dramatic electronic throbs, the music throughout both minimalist and majestic, with Delacey’s voice as the most striking instrument.

Photo Courtesy: Harper Smith