Deerhoof Shares Single/Video “Plant Thief”

Deerhoof released the urgent and transcendent new single “Plant Thief” alongside an animated video by Molly Fairhurst. The latest track from Actually, You Can (Joyful Noise Recordings), expected October 22, 2021, “is a rage rock song responding to a patriarchal world that leeches off of unpaid caring labor and matriarchal knowledge,” says the band. Deerhoof’s dynamic and off-kilter twist on heavy music is the antithesis of the self-defeating, corporate-funded rage rock the band’s Greg Saunier observed in HBO’s documentary Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage, and has served as a steadfast alternative to its commercial counterpart 25+ years strong. 

The video is “about a very angry girl,” explains animator Fairhurst. “Sometimes when you are hurt, so much you could dissolve into ink, nothing can stop your shaking atoms other than being swallowed whole into the dark. Sometimes a giant bird will be there, just in time to do that. Satomi’s verse penned a story in my head and I let the thrashing guitars and drums carry me away over the spikes and deep falls. Pulling and falling and tripping I did what I could to match the musical tensions.”