Dead American Share “Choke”

SoCal-based post-hardcore outfit Dead American has shared their emotive new single and video “Choke” and announced their upcoming debut album New Nostalgia, out February 11th on Velocity Records and Equal Vision Records. The members – Cove Reber (vocals), Chad Rexton (guitar), Josh Latham (bass, vocals), and Kyle Rosa (drums) are inspired by the classics of their genre but looking to the future with their upcoming album, which is available for preorder here. The band considers themselves students of the Warped Tour Era, with a palpable amount of influence taken from artists such as Underoath, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory mixed with their own original sound. 

“Choke” showcases the band at their emotive best. The song oscillates between soaring melodies, aggressive screams, and crushingly heavy breaks that encapsulate the nostalgic feel of the music while giving the listener enough surprises to feel totally modern and new. Lyrically, the track explores frustration and personal triumph in a clever and entirely catchy way. The official video features beautifully cinematic live shots of the band to create a compelling narrative experience to accompany the track.

On the meaning of their new song and upcoming album, the band has this to say: 

“Every word on this record is ours; it’s no one else’s. We’ve never been able to say everything we need to say, and this record gave us an outlet to do it. Life sucks a lot of the time but there’s always some good to come from the shit. We’re all a lot more alike than we think. From the shit, you get this weird, beautiful art-thing that is this record.”