Dark Horse Records New Joe Strummer Video, “Junco Partner,” Announces New Collection Of Songs

Dark Horse Records is celebrating the upcoming release of its newly remastered collection of solo cuts from Joe Strummer entitled Assembly, the former frontman of The Clash, with today’s world premiere of “Junco Partner (Acoustic)”. The track is available for streaming now and comes with an accompanying animated mixed-media video created by Spencer Ramsey. Discovered deep in the legendary artist’s vaults on a hand-labeled cassette tape, “Junco Partner” was a constant throughout Joe’s career. He first discovered the song on a scratchy R&B compilation in the 1970s and it became a staple on the setlist of Joe’s first band, the 101ers, before recording it with The Clash for the seminal Sandinista! album in 1980 and it is a mainstay of live shows until the very end of Joe’s career with The Mescaleros. This previously unreleased home recording of “Junco Partner” sees Strummer wailing through the song with just a guitar, offering an intimate insight into his unique vocal delivery and distinctive driving rhythmic guitar playing.

“Junco Partner” was ubiquitous in Joe’s career – from being a live staple with his first band the 101ers in 1976, to its appearance on the Clash’s seminal Sandanista! album in 1980, and it being a mainstay on the Mescaleros’ setlist in the 2000s. This is a previously unreleased home recording.

Assembly is a career-spanning compilation featuring carefully curated remastered singles, fan favorites, archival rarities, and more. highlights include previously unreleased live versions of the Clash classics, “Rudie Can’t Fail” and “I Fought The Law.”