Danielle Durack Shares Video “There Goes My Heart”

As singer-songwriters go, Danielle Durack is set to make her mark. The young Phoenix, AZ native is delicate and direct which can be heard on the piano-driven “There Goes My Heart,” the third single off the forthcoming No Place to be released this Friday, January 15. The video for the song is released today which allows Durack to express it visually.

Durack offers: “When I wrote this song, I was at a point where every day felt like a mountain to climb. Little movements like getting out of bed, making food, social interactions, and other very ordinary things were laborious activities. I wanted to visually encapsulate that feeling of a broken heart and what it looks like in an everyday context,” explains Durack. Much like the entirety of No Place, Durack says. “There Goes My Heart” is “full of raw, unrelenting pain but a clarity of purpose and a clear view of the light at the end of the tunnel.”