Daniella Cotton Shares Video For Motown-Influcenced Single “Good Day”

Danielia Cotton, who The New York Times says is “soulful enough to fill a revival tent” has returned today with the new rock and Motown-charged single “Good Day.” Throughout, Danielia showcases her eclectic fusion of soul and rock with the help of Nashville songwriter Jeff Cohen (Josh Groban, The Band Perry, Sugarland). Together the two have fashioned an upbeat, soulful single that instantly lifts the spirit.

“Good Day” is the much-needed feel-good anthem we’ve all been waiting for. The video of the buzzing and energetic streets paired alongside the strong-spirited lyrics of “Good Day” allows us to step into a powerfully positive and hopeful shift of energy.

“During a particularly dark day, in a dark year, I remember sitting down and thinking I want to write a song that puts me in a good mood,” Danielia says. “A good mood chordally became ‘A Good Day.’ With the help of my new writing partner Jeff Cohen from Nashville, we finished it off with lyrics that actually put us in the mood that we set out to create.”

The positive energy from “Good Day” has already generated strong momentum with Americana and Triple-A Radio support from stations such as KCSN, WCBE and more.

Danielia’s artistry is unique and euphonious with soulful vocals merged with gritty, rock ‘n’ roll elements, and her lyrics are spawned by her angst-ridden youth and early life experiences confronting race, gender and wealth disparity. Danielia not only has embraced the notion of Black Rock–she has redefined it. Coming from a small town in New Jersey with few faces of color like her own, Danielia was raised by a single mother who showcased the value of music and education. Although her hometown is more racially diverse now, it was her no-shortcut-taking upbringing that helped her discover rock ’n roll music.

Later this month Danielia will make her second appearance at the Rock Pine Music Festival in Rhode Island and perform a hometown show at the Grand Reopening of the Hopewell Theater in New Jersey and continue to play shows throughout the fall. Stay tuned for further dates and more to come from Danielia later this year.

Photo Courtesy: Chia Messina