Current Joys Shares Video For “Cigarettes”

Current Joys have released their new single “CIGARETTES.” This is the third preview of the forthcoming album LOVE + POP, out August 4th via Secretly Canadian. To celebrate the release, Current Joys will be hosting an intimate take-over of Baby’s All Right in New York on July 26th, featuring LOVE + POP collaborator Brutus VIII. Listen to previous singles “LOVE + POP,” “My Shadow Life (Ft. Oddbody).” The video was directed Leia Jospe (How To With John Wilson, John Early: Now More Than Ever), who shot the video in one continuous take on Santa Monica Beach.

Current Joys, is the moniker of Nick Rattigan, who is also one of the primary members of Surf Curse. An outsized creative force, Rattigan is a prolific songwriter, producer, performer and music video director, with multiple credits across every discipline. LOVE + POP will be Current Joys’ tenth record in as many years and will be available on vinyl as well as CD and cassette in the fall. Fans can pre-order the album HERE.

LOVE + POP is a snapshot of a moment in not-so-far-away time; something fast, loud, moody and a little dangerous.  It is, in some ways, classic Current Joys: full of wild ambition, sneaky hooks, and songs that move from concept to completion with prolific speed. But LOVE + POP also explodes myriad expectations with aggressive, deconstructed production, house music influence, and a guest appearance from Lil Yachty. It is not so much a twist as it is a unique multiverse identity for Current Joys, as Nick Rattigan’s set out to “capture this sonic moment and harken back to the way I first released music.”  

The story of LOVE + POP begins with one of those house parties: the kind that bulldozes your home and, in its aftermath, leaves a wreckage that finds you flattened but also ready to be new. In that mess and mayhem, Rattigan watched Everybody’s Everything, the documentary of Lil Peep, and recorded a cover of “walk away as the door slams”. But the itch wasn’t scratched, and what began as a moment of homage morphed into something bigger, deeper and more fundamental, a point where the seemingly haphazard – in his home, in Peep’s process – opened Rattigan up to an entire creative space and a new approach to bending or even detonating genre.

Photo Courtesy: Brooke Ashley Barone