Cup Share Second Single & Video "Hideaway"

Brooklyn-based garage/pysch rockers Cup, not the one with Nels Cline & Yuka C Honda, are back with a new single.  “Hideaway” is the second single from the band’s forthcoming Nothing Could Be Wrong, dropping May 8th. This single perfectly encapsulates Cup as a band — loud, brash, rousing, but focused on having fun and making damn good music. The “Hideaway” video continues Cup’s previous lighthearted horror theme, this time featuring dancing vampires across the streets of Brooklyn.

When the band first discussed the possibility of shooting music videos for the new album, one of the things that they all blurted out was “dance video,” and here it is. After being left in a bloody pile at the end of the first video, Freddie, Chad, and Tym wake up after they’ve turned into vampires, and finally Kelsey, the Vampire Queen, has some subjects to dance around and do vampire things with. Fun fact: the scene where Chad leaps across the turning car was an actual close encounter with death, saved by our synth master’s agility and quick thinking. The police lights and confusion are all real!