CrowJane shares “Ergot Journey”

Dancing like nobody’s watching, experimental post-punk artist CrowJane has released her brand new music video for “Ergot Journey” today. Taken from her debut solo album Mater Dolorosa, the new visual is the latest in a series of videos that CrowJane – known to friends and family as Heather Galipo – has created.

The “Ergot Journey” video features CrowJane dancing in assorted costumes and situations; alone in the desert in a long dark dress, exploring the forest in light green lace attire, performing with several backup dancers at the top of a cliff, and menacingly crawling towards the viewer on all fours in a complete, eyeless mask adorned with a crown of arrows. “I mostly just wanted to dance around like Kate Bush dancing in the ‘Wuthering Heights’ music video with the red dress,” says CrowJane. “But some form of the story developed with Jessica Rowell’s styling. The ominous masked creature resembles a taunting dark side.”

“’Ergot Journey’ has my favorite rhythm on Mater Dolorosa,” continues CrowJane. “It was almost an instrumental song entirely, but to keep in theme with vocal rhythms, I sang repeating lines mimicking a synth melody. I wanted this song to be something people could dance to, I wanted it to sound like a journey, and lyrically, it’s a love letter to [the LA-based punk-goth band] Egrets on Ergot. I have played in Egrets on Ergot for around a decade and the band is a significant part of my life.”