Crooked Royals Shares “Glass Hands”

Crooked Royals, the New Zealand-based band who have been praised by Australian music writers (Wall of Sound called their music “crushing,” “fresh” and “exciting”) for their dual vocals and insightful lyrics, release their debut album Quarter Life Daydream (3DOT Recordings) on October 21, 2022. A preview of the eight-song release arrives today with the release of “Glass Hands” and its Sam Askew and Francis Wheeler-directed video. 

“The song is about a person who wants to believe in something so hard that they’ll do anything for it,” clean vocalist Christian Carstensen explains. “We want listeners to be critical of this voice though.”

“It’s similar to when people get news from a headline on social media,” adds Carstensen’s raw vocal counterpart Lee Mackley. “They’ll spout the headline, but they don’t read the actual article. They just believe in it without understanding it”.