Chrystabell Shares New Single “Midnight Star”

Chrystabell shares “Midnight Star,” the enchanting title track off her new album, which releases January 21 via Love Conquered Records. Accompanied by a music video starring wayward alien lifeforms seeking redemption amongst the crystal planets, the album’s opening track marks the start of a wide-eyed odyssey into the great beyond. The video was written/directed by Polish filmmaker and longtime collaborator, Archon.

“The lights go down, the curtains go up and the musical quest of the album Midnight Star begins with the song ‘Midnight Star,’ setting the tone of high drama, mania and ultimately transcendence,” says Chrystabell. “The trip from impending doom to cosmic dance party takes under 5 minutes, so you can do it over and over again, without a shred of space trash.”

 She continues, “When I asked Archon to direct, I knew he could take it way out. I was not disappointed. He meticulously manufactured an alternate reality, literally sculpting worlds with his hands to bring the vision to life. This is one of four videos he made for the record, this grand and bizarre voyage is just getting started.” 

A sci-fi fantasia assembled as a collection of episodes, Midnight Star tells the story of a beneficent being seeking to save humanity from life on a troubled Earth. Chrystabell fully transports listeners into a dimension of her own making with a collision of post-disco, synth-pop and space-age psychedelia. Her unearthly storytelling permeates with a worldly insight, offering up tender instruction for living more ecstatically.

 Chrystabell is a hyper-creative polymath, whose past endeavors include four acclaimed albums, sold out performances around the world, a series of musical projects with filmmaker/luminary David Lynch and a central role on Twin Peaks: The Return. Having launched her career in the late-’90s with the neo-swing band 8 1/2 Souvenirs, she first joined forces with Lynch for a song featured in his 2006 film Inland Empire, and later worked with him on her 2011 album This Train and the 2016 EP Somewhere in the Nowhere. Over the past few years, she’s undergone a full-tilt liberation of her creative spirit that finds her embracing a more potent sense of freedom.

Midnight Star in the most realized form is the highest knowing,” Chrystabell explains. “It’s whoever you are in your imagination when you don’t let limits control you. It’s the purest journey, it’s the superhero in your mind that you would be if there was no one telling you that you couldn’t.”

Midnight Star is available for pre-order here:

Photo Courtesy: Mathieu Bitton