Chase Cohl Shares Some Holiday Spirit With “Christmastime & You” Video

Eclectic and prolific artist Chase Cohl is sharing a new holiday single titled “Christmastime & You,” with a video directed by Laura Beth Schneider that includes Chase’s special hot toddy recipe at the end of the video. Chase released her latest EP, Dear Dear: Volume 1 last Spring, stay tuned for more music in 2022.

Chase says of the song and video:

“As is the case with the entire Dear Dear record, I wanted to create with the idea of instant nostalgia in mind. Something that feels like you’ve known it forever, that sticks in your brain the way so many of the classic girl group songs do, something that feels immediately familiar & warm. 

I am fascinated by the idea of playing in reflections of set dressing, almost a modern still life. With this project being so retro-fetishist, it felt like the natural place to explore in that, as will continue to be the case with the lyric videos for the remainder of the record. Plus, I have been harassed for my hot toddy recipe for far too long.”

The published poet, songwriter, artist, fashion designer, and Littledoe Accessories and Besa creator co-wrote Dear Dear: Volume I with keyboardist/songwriter Barry Goldberg (Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Gladys Knight). Joined by producer Loren Humphrey (The Last Shadow Puppets, Guards, Willowz), Chase discovered Valentine Studios in Los Angeles. A true “time capsule,” it served as the site for seminal recordings by The Beach Boys and Elvis before closing its doors in the late sixties before recently reopening – proving to be perfect for her vintage sound. Other collbarotors on the EP include Tyler Parkford (Mini Mansions), Benji Lysaght  (Father John Misty, Beck), Rodrigo Amarante (Little Joy), James Richardson (MGMT), Benjamin Booker, and more.

Photo Courtesy: Kristin Gallegos