Charlie Martin (Hovvdy) Shares Video “Courage” video

Charlie Martin, one half of the Austin duo Hovvdy, shares a video for “Courage,” a stand-out track from his debut solo, the recently released album, Imaginary People (Grand Jury).

‘Courage’ was the first song I wrote when I decided to make Imaginary People. There were a big handful of songs I had shelved from previous years — all with the intention of sharing them one day soon — but I knew I wanted to bring a lot of new life to the record,” says Martin. “‘Courage’ was sort of the first step. It’s about staying within yourself and acknowledging that it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there. I’m so inspired when I see my friends and people I love putting art into the world — it’s actually the best thing. And especially lately, it’s such a wonderful coping mechanism — creating and receiving art — within all the flux. I’ve never felt more compelled to dive in head first.