Catholic Action Shares Video For “People Don’t Protest Enough”

Critically-acclaimed Glaswegians, Catholic Action launch their 2020 in technicolour with the trippy and fuzzed-out new “People Don’t Protest Enough” video, the first single released from their anticipated new album Celebrated by Strangers due out March 27 on Palo Santo Records. The hypnotic, rib-rattling record is armed with politically pointed lyrical daggers and powerful garage rock licks.
“People Don’t Protest Enough” is a battle cry for the disillusioned masses; a call to organize and speak out about the positive change you believe in. Lead singer and guitarist Chris McCrory shares, “This is Casiotone for the politically marginalised. This is Krautrock for a progressive, positive future.” Video director Jamie Logie adds, “During pre-production we really wanted to let the song flourish visually. We created a dreamy post-punk sequence, dipping into futurism amidst staring at our feet.”