Casper Caan Drops Remix Of “Last Chance”

Casper Caan shares the Hot Chip remix of his debut single “Last Chance.”  Hot Chip note, “Something about the melody and Casper’s voice reminded us of New Order so they became an important reference for the remix. We really enjoyed making it!” 

Resembling the body-moving pulse of LCD Soundsystem, the brash intimacy of Swedish indie-pop, and the stadium-scraping soar of classic-era Oasis, sometimes all at once, “Last Chance” is the perfect introduction to Casper Caan’s piano-driven musical worldview.

Practically an outsider to the music industry, NYC-based Caan wrote music for himself for years until he was able to assemble a collection of gear well suited for analog recording and experimentation.  “Last Chance” is the fruitful result of his creative tinkering and reflects Caan’s meticulous attention to detail, right down to his playing nearly every note on the song. 

Artwork Courtesy: Jonathan Zawada