Caroline Mason Shares Video For “If You Want Me To”

Caroline Mason is a female solo, multi-instrumentalist composer of experimental, electronic music currently residing in Portland, Oregon. From an early age, Caroline has been drawn to finding a connection between the depths of human emotion and how music has the ability to take us to those places inside ourselves. Her musical expressions naturally find ways to come to existence technically as she seamlessly layers numerous melodic and atmospheric sounds together both instrumentally and vocally.

Video director and stylist Christal Angelique was inspired by English fashion designer Gareth Pugh for the video’s wardrobe. His futuristic designs inspired her minimalist vision. She got together with Portland clothing designer Kate Towers to collaborate on a custom piece for the film. Using her inspiration she wanted to create something unique that could stand alone and speak powerfully for Mason’s capturing track. 

When Mason first showed Angelique the track, the repetitive rhythmic lyrics being “If you want me to go then just say so”. The first thing that came to Angelique’s mind was a multiplying marching army in the desert being all the same person. The thought of facing yourself / telling your old self to leave while dressed in the future.

Angelique wanted the piece to be relatable for anyone facing fears and parts of themselves that needed to go. ‘It is about overcoming the battles within so one can move into their stronger, future self’.