Captain Rico and the Ghost Band Hit The Road In Video For “Mexican Road Trip”

Deep within the music genres that have been created over the years, one that truly stands out to this day is surf music.  Popularized by groups like The Beach Boys, The Ventures, and The Surfaris, the sunny disposition that surf rock presents is hard to ignore and more importantly, love.

In their debut album The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches, Captain Rico and the Ghost Band take you on a ride with their spin on surf music.  The members of the group come from the Basque Country and have been immersed in surfing culture and the universe of the legendary Belharra wave since they were kids.  Incorporating the heavily drenched reverb guitar riffs and smattering drums, “Mexican Road Trip” provokes speedy movement and a heart-racing frame of mind.  The video accompanying “Mexican Road Trip” offers aerial footage of the trio tripping along the picturesque backdrop provided in a vintage Volkswagon Bus.