Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Drops Video For “You”

The most exciting new band in Wales Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have today announced their hotly anticipated debut album Backhand Deals will be released on February 25, 2022 via Missing Piece Records / Communion. The album’s riotous lead single “You” – and its accompanying Sunny Delight-inspired video – arrives today off the back of summer festival sets in packed-out tents up and down the U.K. and the band’s sold out 1,000 capacity homecoming at Cardiff Castle last month.

Backhand Deals is a practice in subverting the ideology of rock music as something that needs to be ‘brought back from the dead,’” says frontman Tom Rees. “Rock should be about enjoying yourself honestly, whether that’s washing the dishes, sweeping the yard, or complaining about whoever got elected. Rock is a sweeping power, and is attributed to anyone who performs art honestly, from Lizzo feeling good as hell to AC/DC riding down a highway to hell. The honesty is the same, and the honesty prevails.”

“’You’ is a particularly sarcastic song,” Rees continues. “I love how it could be misconstrued as a pro-independence anthem about really taking care of number one, not taking shit from anyone and following your dreams, when in actual fact it’s all a ruse to outline the burden of imposed individual responsibility. I think the sarcasm in this setting can confuse people enough into thinking that I am indeed, an idiot. That’s the goal of this whole thing, to break down all of the know-it-all-rock-and-rollers down to what we all are, just people, with opinions… but that’s all they are, opinions.”

Photo Courtesy: Lily Brown