Bruce Haack Shares “Mallangong”

Captain Entropy, described as “a participation journey for elementary and high-school people — through the soul of spaceship earth — from principles of thermodynamics to folks like the American eagle,” was created and totally performed by Bruce Haack. It’s an electro-surrealist musical journey from the mind of “The Captain,” capturing his inventive genius musically in tandem with tapping into the voice of his inner child. It displays innovative story-songs inspired by Haack’s diverse musical interests and a love of Science and explorations of the Natural World, songs to excite the imaginations of listeners, both young and old. 

To help introduce the upcoming project, today, Shimmy-Disc shares a brand new music video for the single “Mallangong,” created by Ryan Hover. Resting on a bed of Haack’s self-created synthetic sounds, this story-song weaves a tale of a most fascinating creature, the platypus, ‘bringing old knowledge to new ears.’ 

As described by Bruce Haack himself, in his own inimitable words: “A personally guided tour by Mallangong itself (mediumized and voiced by Bruce Haack). What’s a Mallangong? Ever hear of a Theraspid?” (via the original 1974 LP liner notes).

This new visual follows the previously released first cut from the record, “Music,” which arrived last month alongside an accompanying video.