Brocarde Drops “Twisted” Acoustic Version Single

Multi-faceted rock artist and fashion designer Brocarde unveils the acoustic version of her recently released single, “Twisted.”

“Twisted” is an anthem for the misfits, while the original gothic horror epic video (click here) perfectly depicts the contortion she experienced through her journey, the acoustic version strips the song back to its bare essence with Brocarde’s expressive vocals taking centre stage. Armed with an unparalleled lyricism that express anger and frustration at the world, Brocarde can no longer be silenced, her lyrics are embroidered on the limited 1980s meet Victorian-era clothes she designs, like with previous releases, she launched a capsule clothing collection of limited edition pieces for “Twisted” featuring lyrics from the single, available on WWW.BROCARDE.COM.

Written by Brocarde herself, “Twisted” in the artist own words is an anthem to diminish all boxes and preconceived notions and a rally cry to tear up the rule book, a refusal to be limited by others imaginations. Its an anthem for all those who feel judged and misrepresented. Reflecting on her own words she adds: “I’d just started to listen to rock music, it channeled my angst against the conformity and strict rules I had to follow in private school. I wanted to be a rock star and I was bullied for that, the other kids wanted to be doctors and lawyers. I was considered really weird,” she says. Her voice was silenced, her unique creativity knocked down, she had to be normal, disciplined, her talent for creating the unique clothes she wears abandoned to avoid being bullied.

“Twisted” follows the release of the Love Me Till I’m Beautiful EP, released in July, which saw Brocarde teaming up with Korn’s legendary drummer Ray Luzier. Clocking over 800,000 streams across platforms, while the video for the lead single reached nearly 1 million YouTube plays to date. The EP also featured the trained opera singer’s powerful coronavirus-inspired track, “World Upside Down”, which video was filmed on her phone during lockdown.