Brian Dunne Drives Around NYC In Video For “Sometime After This”

Brian Dunne makes his debut on the legendary indie rock label Kill Rock Stars with his new single “Sometime After This.” A transcendent embodiment of the phrase “this too shall pass,” the new single is accompanied by a music video that finds Dunne in the role of a barstool philosopher wandering the empty streets of New York City searching for what it all means.

“At its core, this song is my way of saying ‘this too shall pass’ but in a way that feels honest, and not like a HomeGoods wall stencil,” says Dunne. “It starts with a big idea and gets smaller with each verse. The first one addresses the social and political state of things, and how sad it is that we can’t even agree on what it is that we disagree about (and also has the first, and likely last use of the word ‘email’ in one of my songs). Verse two is about everything that led me here, to this particular song, and finds me asking a classic NYC vampire – a sacred character to me – what exactly to do with it. And verse three is just about a single cup of coffee and how it all just comes down to that; being grateful for a hot beverage.” 

Bending the sounds of American rock into masterfully composed, existentially poignant, wildly catchy renderings of being alive, Brian Dunne cuts straight to the heart of things with a raw, understated poeticism. His cinematic eye for detail offers fully fleshed out character studies that examine the seemingly insignificant moments in life and the ways in which they have a lasting impact. Operating with a DIY-ethos, he has released a trio of widely respected albums, shared bills with everyone from Cat Power to Caroline Rose.

Photo Courtesy: Lukasz Palka