Boom Bap Project Shares Video “Ink Drips”

After 20 years, the Northwestern trio of Karim, DJ Scene, and Destro returns with a new video in “Ink Drips.” The single/video is the final single before releasing its comeback album, Return Flight, out tomorrow 7/30/21. The video, directed by the crew at Morning Star Creative, follows the Boom Bap Project as they put in some hours at the WildCraft CiderWorks Brewery in Eugene, OR. Showing the cider-making process as the group’s two emcees, Karim (a/k/a Nightclubber Lang) and Destro, spit lyrically rich verses about stress, pain, and growth. The blue-collar visuals not only serve as a metaphor for the grueling labor of chasing your dreams but also give a glimpse of the craftsmanship that WildCraft takes in creating their ciders.

Karim explains that WildCraft has always shown love to West Coast hip-hop acts like BBP, which eventually led to a collaboration between the two parties. As you’ll see in the video, there is in fact, an Ink Drips Boom Bap Project/WildCraft Cider collaboration beverage. It is a bourbon barrel-aged, single-varietal Kingston Black cider fermented in bottle using a freeze-pressed blueberry tirage. The Ink Drips cider is the first presented by the cellar using Methode traditionale.

“‘Ink Drips’ as a track is a glimpse into the reasons why we stopped making music more than a decade ago,” Karim says. “But this collaboration is also a celebration of our return—and the cider itself is some king shit.”