Bitter Branches Shares “Solo Trip”

post-hardcore outfit Bitter Branches shared their new track and lyric video “Solo Trip”, which will appear on their upcoming album Your Neighbors Are Failures due out on February 25th, 2022 via Equal Vision Records. The album will also be available as a limited edition red/white vinyl variant available for pre-order. Comprised of Tim Singer (Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, No Escape), guitarists Matt Ryan (Calvary) and Kevin Sommerville (Lighten Up!) along with drummer Jeff Tirabassi (Walleye), the band has added the inimitable talents of Dan Yemin (Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black) to their monstrous live machine following the departure of bassist Brian Kantorek. The group continues to push the boundaries of their genre to give the listener something special – an exploration of the musical pedigree the group’s legendary lineup has honed throughout years of touring and recording. 

“Solo Trip” is a slow-burning tune that emphasizes the band’s caustic post-hardcore-inspired style and clever songwriting approach. Equal parts anguished and angular, the track builds on a powerful crescendo of atonal guitar riffs supported by a crushing groove that will satisfy the punk rockers as much as it will the metalheads.

On the theme behind the title track, the band had this to say: 

“Power is yours to give to yourself, and yours to take away. Not alleging it’s easy — or that bad actors won’t try to take it from you — but don’t just give it away. Real freedom & power come from ditching your crutches, facing your fears, and from letting go of what other people think. Comparison is the thief of joy.”