Birthmark Share “Red Meadow” 

Birthmark (Nate Kinsella) shares the new single and music video “Red Meadow”, from the forthcoming LP Birth of Omni (Polyvinyl Record Co.), out January 19th, 2024. “Red Meadow” follows lead single “Rodney” (“Rodney“) which garnered nods upon release. As with “Rodney”, “Red Meadow” discerningly navigates the transitional nature of midlife, and parenthood, and how those intersecting experiences can compete with and alter the relationships we have with others, as well as what we think to be true of ourselves. The video for “Red Meadow”, directed by Nate Kinsella (and with Chris Strong as director of photography), beautifully conveys the sentiments of the song through the use of light, darkness, and dance, as Kinsella and dancer Robin Mineko-Williams move together in parallel as two beings intertwined but separate.

When my wife and I were overwhelmed with tending to our new child our romantic relationship dwindled to the point where it felt like the pilot light had gone out,” shares Kinsella of the deeply personal song. “This wasn’t a huge surprise given the circumstances, but the gap between us began to manifest in ways I hadn’t foreseen. This song is about lamenting that loss and feeling conflicted by what our new lives as parents had brought us and the need to rebalance the emotional ecosystem of our lives.”