Ben Katzman Shares Video “Mom’s A Capricorn”

Ben Katzman is an anomaly; a throwback within the rock continuum that doesn’t play within the realm of daily trends or hype. Instead, Katzman always delivers a cornucopia of shredding guitar solos, crazed riffs, and levels set to 11. He walks to the beat of his own solo, so to speak, and I’m not referring to Chewbacca.

today Katzman shares the single “Mom’s A Capricorn,” which may throw fans off, with more bounce and less riffery. But oh does it bounce with a catchy rhythm and melody. It’s off his new concept album Astrology 101, a 12-song release that has each song referencing an astrological sign. The album itself is set for release on April 21, 2021.