Bat Fangs Share Video “Talk Tough”

Duo Bat Fangs have just released the third single from their forthcoming album Queen Of My World (Don Giovanni) set for release on Friday, October 29, 2021. The song — titled “Talk Tough” — is streaming now. An accompanying music video for the song is also out now, which was directed by Guided By Voices’ Mark Shue.

The Walkman anthem, reminiscing on the extraordinary joy of falling in love with music for the first time.  Uptempo riffage and intermittent solos speak to Bat Fangs’ genuine love for the electric guitar as a means of communicating intense feelings ranging from nostalgia to full-on mysticism, as they sing of entering cosmic spaces through the power of music.

Queen Of My World picks up where the band’s 2018 self-titled debut left off: big riffs and pinched leads, a reeling, rocking mass of guitars and vocals, with hall reverb “whoa-oh” choruses similar to those that filled arenas in the 80s heyday of hair metal. The album is both reclamation and a reevaluation of a sound that was once a breeding ground for a particularly egregious brand of cock rock dude-bro. Paying tribute to the glam rock and metal sounds of their youth while offering a modernized alternative to an era of music that deified toxic masculinity as a core value, Wright and King represent a new model of Rock Stardom that’s less about the Stars and more about the Rock.