Arab Strap Shares Video “Fable of the Urban Fox”

Arab Strap shares a new version of “ Fable of the Urban Fox,” a song originally from their highly anticipated, critically acclaimed latest album and first in 16 years, As Days Get Dark (Rock Action), released this March. The duo’s 7th studio album manages to feel like both evolution and revolution: a continuation of what has come before whilst also a bold leap into the future. In that spirit, Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton have remixed themselves on the new single version of the album standout. The new Check/Fault Mix version of “Fable of the Urban Fox” layers ominous electronic atmospherics and propulsive arpeggios over the original’s sparse acoustic guitar and comes accompanied by a chilling video starring Fiona O’Shaughnessy, directed by Rose Hendry.

Moffat explains: “When I wrote the lyrics for this in 2019, I was hoping its obvious allegorical message might not be relevant by the time it came out, but sadly it seems the lack of humanity in government and influence of rightwing media continues to prevail. We had a lot of good feedback for the album version, so it was suggested we release it as a single, but we felt it was a bit too long and attempted to trim it – but one thing led to another, and pretty soon it became a proper remix with new parts and drums, much like we did with ‘(Afternoon) Soaps’ back in the old days. So it’s the same song in a new outfit – a tighter fit for a new season, suitable for all occasions.”