Anna McClellan Shares Two Singles “Desperate” / “Pace Of The Universe,” Announces New Album

The gifted artist Anna McClellan began performing original songs in her at just 17 years of age. It began in her home of Omaha, Nebraska and she’s been recording and touring ever since. After a brief stint living in NYC and a number of tours, McClellan returned to Omaha to record her third full-length release, I saw first light (Father/Daughter), set for release November 20, 2020. The album follows the release of 2018’s Yes and No.

Of her first single, Mclellan offers:

“‘Desperate’ tracks the thoughts of someone (me) desperate to be fully seen and understood. It harkens back to my teen years when male validation seemed the only way to be seen and I would sit in my room at my parent’s house all night feeling phantom vibrations, my heart leaping as I looked at the phone to see my crush still hadn’t texted. There’s also an underlying question of whether or not it’s possible for me to be fully seen by another and the fear that maybe genuine connection will elude me forever.”