Anna Copa Cabanna Shares Video For “We Don’t Sleep”

The “Always Entertaining” (Time Out) Australian Showgirl Anna Copa Cabanna releases new song and video “We Don’t Sleep” co-written with Multi-Instrumentalist Jesse Krakow  (Shudder To Think, The Shaggs, Julee Cruise) during the Covid-19 Lockdown in NYC.

“We Don’t Sleep” is a dreamy throwback to Bowie Berlin, Lynchian Romance, and early 90s dreampop, and presents a different side to Anna Copa Cabanna who is known for being the official go go dancer of the New York Rock and Roll Underground, and a Downtown performer singing punk tunes on her xylophone. The video co-directed and edited by Cara Maria O’Shea (Beautyrock) features a self-taped Anna Copa Cabanna remembering and reliving a time of unlimited possibilities, youth, dates watching David Lynch movies, and distorted guitars. Jesse Krakow recorded all instruments in his home and Anna Copa Cabanna recorded her vocals at home.

Here’s Jesse Krakow on the single: “One of the only things this year had going for it was that many of us made music for no real purpose save for we wanted to make music. Without the deadlines of gigs, tours, recitals, rehearsals, etc., we were left to our devices. In my case I started recording backing tracks without any rhyme nor reason”

Anna Copa Cabanna: “At the beginning of the Lockdown this year, I found myself hearing from old friends and acquaintances- some people I only knew for a short time. We made moments that left a mark. People were looking back a lot. This kind of uncertainty and longing felt new, and I know I also daydreamed a lot about a more “carefree” time. Nostalgia is a powerful, bittersweet drug. The music sounded like this to me. “We Don’t sleep” is about one long glorious night in Berlin. I rode around with two people I hardly knew. We had adventures, met beautiful strangers, ate pasta for breakfast. It represents a time I felt most free. Young, with full trust in the world”.

Photo Credit: Lauren Silberman