Andrew Combs Shares Video For New Single “Mark of the Man”

Andrew Combs shares the quietly cinematic video for his meditative track “Mark of the Man” off his critically-acclaimed new album Sundays (Tone Tree [US]/Loose Records [UK/EU]). The video was directed by Austin Leih, whose recent work includes clips for Nikki Lane and Caitlin Rose. Returning from a tour across the UK and Europe, Combs will celebrate the new album with a special hometown release show this Sunday, October 2 at The Basement. Find more details here

Combs shares the inspiration behind the track: “Mark of Man – sort of pointing at the absurdity of this thought. Humans have a tendency to blame others or other forces for their misfortunes and wrong doings, when really it is only ourselves who are to blame. Peace and harmony, although they are not achievable in any absolute way, can be felt if we realize this and practice empathy for ourselves and others.” 

Sundays was recorded entirely in mono on the heels of a mental breakdown that led Combs to the practice of transcendental meditation. He moves away from the lush, maximalist Americana arrangements of his previous work and into darker territory, inhabiting a sparse, sometimes fuzzy sonic landscape with brooding woodwinds that invoke noir films of the past. The album has garnered praise from several outlets.

In the months leading up to the release, Combs shared similarly cinematic videos also directed by Austin Leih, like the black-and-white beauty of “The Ship” and the Ingmar Bergman-inspired “Anna Please.” Co-produced by Combs and Jordan Lehning (Caitlin Rose, Caroline Spence, Rodney Crowell), with additional arrangements from Dominic Billett (drums for Erin Rae, Julia Jacklin, Courtney Marie Andrews), Sundays is a collection of tracks that offers a deep dive into Combs’ fragmented subconscious, centered around a pervasive sense of quiet hope.

Photo Courtesy: Alysse Gafkjen