Amusement Share “Walk Out To Sink”

In November, Portland, Oregon’s Amusement released the Walk Out To Sink (Extinction Burst) and Dead On The Inside (Council Records) EPs. The EP featured incredibly compelling and competent songwriting, which is honestly no surprise considering members of the band have also performed with From Ashes Rise, Artic Flowers, and Deathreat.

Amusement plays a melodic, hook-driven style of music akin to bands like Leatherface, Seaweed, Pegboy, or Dinosaur Jr., and the passionate vocals heave forth relevant lyrics that are firmly rooted in the foundations of hardcore.

The band has shared the video for “Walk Out To Sink,” which might be an unlikely choice for a summer anthem given the band’s description.

Vocalist John Wilkerson says, “‘Walk Out To Sink’ is a song that scrapes at the feeling of disappointment. A hot, sweaty beach, overcrowded … sun beating down. Not what you remembered. Trying to paint loneliness and isolation in a really hot, uncomfortable way. I think we all have that moment where something was once really amazing, and upon revisiting, lost its sheen. This song sounds like the beach, sunshine, all-American riffs … just bright. So, of course, let’s make it dark and gloomy in lyrical content! Sunburn manifested as a song.”

Later this year, the band will release another EP on Dirt Cult Records and then Summer Darling Tapes will release a 12-inch collection of the EPs (including the band’s cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s “Budge”)

Photo by D.H. Plank