Alice Bag Shares "Sister Dynamite," Announces New Album

Prolific punk singer/songwriter, musician, author and feminist, Alice Bag will drop her new album Sister Dynamite (In The Red Records), on May 8. Throughout the album, Bag reveals her incredible ability to turn nuanced political statement into impossibly catchy punk songs. Sister Dynamite takes its title from a sublimely epic tribute to women fighting for equality everywhere. 

In anticipation of the release, she shares the new video for the album’s title track starring Kristine Nevrose and directed by Marise Samitier (who also directed “Sorry” in 2016 and “Se Cree Joven” in 2018). “Sister Dynamite” is a revolutionary rallying cry of support as we do our part to raise each other up during these uncertain times. 

“‘Sister Dynamite’ was in some ways inspired by AOC and all the women who took over the House of Representatives, and watching them walk up in their white suffragette outfits,” says Bag. “I think the more this administration tries to hold women down, the more and more empowered we become, and the harder we’re going to fight back.”