Alex The Astronaut Shares Video For ”Haircut”

Alex The Astronaut unveiled her video for “Haircut” today, the latest single from her upcoming album How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater, out July 22 via Nettwerk. The new Claudia Bailey-directed video from singer, songwriter and storyteller dives into the power of friendship, especially while you are trying to figure yourself out.

Of the video, Alex shares, “I loved Call Me By Your Name when I first saw it because it was presented as a love story first, and not just a ‘gay story.’ In the same way, I wanted to show a story about gender as a story about growing up, and I think the biggest part of growing up is our friends. Claud, the director, made such a beautiful, bright narrative about two friends who are figuring themselves out side-by-side and it fit the song perfectly.” Alex continues, “It felt like we were filming a movie. We had so much fun at the shoot, and I think the video gets across the joy, terror, brightness, darkness and excitement of growing into the person that you want to be.”

The upbeat “Haircut” celebrates personal growth and the journey of self-discovery with your friends. The track was inspired by the reflection that came after Alex the Astronautcut off all her hair for charity, and the song follows the singer, songwriter and storyteller’s previous singles from How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater – the gloriously anthemic “Octopus,” inspired by her shift in self-perception brought on by her recent Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis; the sublimely devastating yet hopeful “Airport”; and her rumination on the kind of life uncertainty that is worldview-shifting, “Growing Up.”

Photo Courtesy: Jamie Heath