AJ Dávila Shares “Always Something” Feat. Benjamin Booker

AJ Dávila, 1/6 of Puerto Rico’s punk mainstay Davila 666, never stops. Well, there was a pause after his 3rd solo full length, 2017’s explosive El Futuro, filled with stormy pop gumminess while his band resurfaced back in 2019 with a new single. It’s been pretty quiet for Dávila, that is until now. He’s recently released the new single “Always Something” with features Nashville guitarist Benjamin Booker on this garage/pop track.

Throughout the dramatized video we find Dávila searching for that one girl he ran into with her boyfriend. The hurdles he finds don’t deter him from locating her again, dumping her boyfriend for the always charismatic Dávila. No news of a new album has been offered.