Adeline Shares Video For “Just Another Day”, Announces EP Show

Rising singer, bassist and producer Adeline is set to release her new Intérimes EP, a genre-blending collection of 7 songs that give a future-facing nod to old school soul, funk and R&B. It’s title is a mash-up of the French words “intérim” (“the time in between”) and “rime” (French for rhyme), noting that each track on Intérimes captures a specific mood as a day turns into night.

In celebration, Adeline will perform an intimate EP release concert, “LIVE from My Living Room” in Brooklyn on Friday night (July 10th)  @ 9PM ET, hosted by journalist Elaine Welteroth via her Instagram*. (*An additional show for European audiences will be streamed at an earlier time slot in the coming weeks; details TBD).

Following several strong singles w/ homemade (quarantine) videos including ‘Middle’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘After Midnight’, Adeline is pleased to celebrate the Intérimes EP release with another self-directed video for the collection’s sultry and soulful center-piece, “‘Just Another Day”. Shot in the Hamptons with her husband Sinclair on DP duty, and friend/collaborator Jonathan Singletary as co-director/DP, the video features Adeline portraying several characters, along with guest appearances by friends.

“‘Just Another Day’ is about questioning your place in the world, not feeling accepted, pretending to be in someone else’s shoes, so I wanted to show characters that exude confidence and self-acceptance as a message of hope for the LGBTQ people out there who feel rejected and misunderstood” notes Adeline. “The video features 3 beautiful friends of mine, Yussuf, Gitoo and Bambi. They are some of the people in my life who I look up to the most when it comes to confidence and style.”