Wildermiss Shares New Single “Fallin”

Denver has a lot to offer, as most of you already know by now.  Something that many fall on deaf ears to is the city’s burgeoning music scene.  Finding impeccable talent performing in various locations is pretty easy on a nightly basis.  

One band that’s starting to mold themselves into more than a local standout is Wildermiss.  Leading the pack is frontwoman Emma Cole, whose vocal presence is a tour de force.  Surrounding Cole is guitarists Seath Beamer, Joshua Hester and drummer Caleb Thoemke.

After receiving significant airplay and exposure after Wildermiss released their first EP in 2017 Lost With You, the band is prepping to release new material this year.  The band took those first steps with the release of “Fallin”.  “Our new song “Fallin'” is about people who are snakes, plain and simple. Misquoting you, lying to you, or even just brown nosing. It’s about facing the facts and moving on from that,” Cole says.  “It speaks to having enough self love and confidence to move forward despite any deceptive attempts from others. We hope this song might resonate with those who are ready to take on their next phase of life with confidence and gusto. 

“We paired this release with a music video that we put in the hands of Rett Rogers, who created these conceptual moody visuals and abstract energy. We’re stoked to be sharing our songs with new rooms of listeners across the U.S. and cannot wait to show you what’s next.”

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