Wardell Share Single “I’m A Man”

Writing and recording music since they were young and first playing shows in 2010, Werdell affectionately call their sound “shuffle pop”—a mash-up of a wide variety of musical styles. Theo is drawn to punk and indie rock, Sasha more to classic rock and R&B. “It’s like we put our favorite music on shuffle and take it from there.” Wardell has performed at South by Southwest, and opened for Vampire Weekend, Grimes, and Haim.

Theo is currently in New York as a music booker for Saturday Night Live while Sasha continues to work in Los Angeles with her solo project Buzzy Lee, collaborating with other musicians such as Nicolas Jaar.

On September 20, Wardell will release their latest album Impossible Falcon. The duo have also released a single off the upcoming album “I’m A Man.”