Video Premiere: Us, Today, "Wealth+Fame+Love+Luck"

It’s always something of a gamble when incredibly talented musicians come together in a band. When it comes to what record stores label as “pop / rock,” great music isn’t always performed by great musicians. For every mind-melting prog and math rock band there’s a mountain of mind-numbing vinyl languishing in thrift stores. Obscure can be cool, but sometimes it can be warranted too.
Thankfully, the trio from Us, Today don’t let talent get in the way of the music. In a similar matter to Tortoise or even Frank Zappa, this trio find the groove in their instrumental compositions and explore it fully without ever losing that original thought. It’s what separates the good jambands from their college bro counterparts and thoughtful electronica acts from what’s copied and pasted for mass consumption.
Taking from their mesmerizing live show, “Wealth+Fame+Love+Luck” is animated with a bombast of light. Animator/Director, Chaske Haverkos said, “Inspired by the digitized, inhuman quality of the vocals and the fluorescent light fixture installations the band is currently performing with, I wanted to use the heavy rhythmic quality of the track and the snowballing of the repeating vocals to build to an absolute breaking point both visually and musically.”
Taken from their new release, Computant, premiered here is Us, Today’s video for “Wealth+Fame+Love+Luck”.

Photo: John Carrico, Adam Henry, Cody Gunningham
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