Video Premiere: Tim Rutili & Craig Ross, "Greasing Up The Third Eye"

For the unendoctrinated, Tim Rutili is the founder and principal songwriter for Califone and Red Red Meat and his collaborator Craig Ross is a producer and songwriter who has worked with Shearwater,  Lisa Germano, Spoon, Patty Griffin, Robert Plant and Daniel Johnston to name a few.
On their previous effort, 2016’s Guitars Tuned to Air Conditioners, the duo built a long-form drone, a study in electricity and tension. Their follow up LP, 10 Seconds to Collapse, hit the streets June 22 via Jealous Butcher and takes a different tact. Its seven songs employ deconstructed pop melodies, blown-out folk rock, and woozy psychedelia. A true collaboration — Ross and Rutili split songwriting, lyrical, and instrumentation duties — it rings with a melodic complexity befitting its skewed, sidewise narrative, black comedy rumination about the end of the world, prisons, desert cities, and errant gods.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of debuting the video for their intense “Greasing Up The Third Eye.” This is what video writer/director/photographer Zach Passero had to say about it:
“Making this video became a return to the days of how a group of friends used to make films together starting over 20 years ago in school– an adventure, a camera, and a notion. When listening to the song, it brought images of desert scapes, a form, a man pursued, a void, and cycles of rebirths of all of the above. The idea became to shape a video based on this thread without overthinking. Hannah Passero created the form. Justin Stone, Lucky McKee [and I] drove out to the different deserts and filmed and had fun. A good weird adventure shaped around a great song.”