Video Premiere: Throwaway Shares “Bonathan Jyers (feat. William Hutson)”

Kristen Carey is the voice and face, or rather, paper bag, behind Detroit’s Throwaway. On her latest album released earlier this year, WHAT?, she’s not alone though, as Oliver Dobrian provides the concussive drumming behind her. Throwaway is a noisy affair, deeply rooted in experimentalism but occasionally grasping onto invigorating melodies like on “The Revenge Society.” But her growling vocals always find their way into a song regardless.

Everything Throwaway does on its music is carefully manipulated, leaving very little room for error. Experimentation at its best. Today Throwaway premieres the video for “Bonathan Jyers (feat. William Hutson).” Conceptually, it’s part Blair Witch, Walking Dead, and just about any horror flick with a house one shouldn’t enter at the end. The creepiness flagrantly charges through video from beginning to end. Throwaway is onto something here, they’re just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

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