Video Premiere: Sun Cycles, “Kids”

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, Jessica Hottman has always had music present in her life.  Every week, you found her and her two sisters singing all the time. When they weren’t singing, you found Jessica working tirelessly on new material in the basement at the family’s home.

Jessica has now stepped out on our own with her solo project Sun Cycles.  “I was listening to the song “Days Go By” by The Drums, and it dawned on me that so much happens, from the most menial thing to the greatest discovery, as our planet cycles the sun. I like to think of my music as just a piece of all the beauty that our world is creating: a thread in the quilt that humanity is weaving. To me, this is a humbling and beautiful thought. And with that, the name Sun Cycles was born,” Jessica says.

Today, Sun Cycles have released the single “Kids,” along with a video to accompany it.  Drenched with heart-stopping electronica sound and brooding synth, Hottman’s ballad explores the feelings of childhood slipping by, the loss of love, and looking back at being youthful.  Hottman looks towards artists like Imogen Heap, Lorn, and Stevie Nicks as inspiration.  Listening to “Kids,” you will hear that she achieved her goal.