Video Premiere: Peanut Butter, "The Observable Edge of the Known Universe"

The Seattle/DC band Peanut Butter is about the release its third full-length album, Don’t Stop, which discerning music fans are describing as “fiREHOSE meets Make Believe.” On the album, Peanut Butter is joined by Renata Ocampo (Ocampo + Ocampo, Warm Suns, Penguin) and Devin Ocampo (The Effects, Beauty Pill, Faraquet, Smart Went Crazy). Ocampo also produced the record, which is available digitally beginning on Halloween! ). The first year of online sales for the record will be donated to EG Justice, an organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of the people of Equatorial Guinea. 

The video for the album’s third single, “The Observable Edge of the Known Universe,” is available for your enjoyment today (below). This is what Peanut Butter’s Paul Bugala had to say about the album:

“Being in a band is just about the best thing. Getting to memorialize that experience with a record is even better. So, this record documents how awesome it is to be around remarkable creative people who just go around making beautiful things. Lots of friends played a role in this, but the drums on the record stand out. The record is a showcase for David Diaz whose grooves and melodic playing show creativity and a feel for songwriting that just won’t quit. If that wasn’t enough, the peerless Devin Ocampo (‘A Bird’) and Renata Ocampo (‘Slow Retreat Too’) each sit in on drums for a song, which is still a little hard to believe. The record is called Don’t Stop, because what else can you say when you’re surrounded by such awesomeness.”