Video Premiere: Fox Face, "Clever Girl"

Witchy, twitchy and full of attitude, Milwaukee, Wisconsin feminist punks Fox Face is a fog-swirling, moonlit night where nothing’s as it seems, Fox Face is an eerie musical force that would be just as much at ease holding a seance on a stormy, nighttime beach as they would be throwing a rager in a dark, beer-soaked basement bar.
Spoil + Destroy is Fox Face’s first record for Dirtnap, recorded by Kyle “Motor” Urban at MotorCo Studio in Madison, Wisconsin, using an all-analog Ampex MM-1100 23″ 16-Track recorder. Urban also recorded the band’s debut Teen Wiccan 7″. Lindsay DeGroot leads this storm of sound, with bandmates Lydia Washechek (guitar, vocals), Mary Joy (bass, vocals) and Christopher Capelle (drums) playing countless furiously energetic sets in their hometown and beyond.
Fox Face’s Spoil + Destroy is out now on Dirtnap Records and today Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing the video for “Clever Girl,” a track that alternates between Sabbath-y and searing guitars. The band had this to say about the song/video:
“‘Clever Girl’ is the amalgamation of situations where men approach with their unsolicited input, opinions, suggestions about how women should be, and instead of feeling defeated, saying ‘Fuck that, I’ve worked hard. I can do this.’”

Pick up the record here:
Dirtnap Records | Bandcamp