Video Premiere: Emerald Knights Return With New Video, "Heat Stroke"

2015 saw the release of Emerald Knights: The Album, a collaborative effort between emcees Mega Ran and Bag Of Tricks Cat. It was an 8-song release filled with witty repartee, clever lyricism, and driven by beats derived from a nostalgic era of music no one’s dared to attempt to put on wax. But these two? They’re about challenging and changing the way music is created and giving it a much-needed facelift. As the prolific rappers once again set their collaborative weapons on stun, there’s no doubt Emerald Knights 2 will knock listeners off their feet. The new album takes a different approach, still holding tight to well-knit production but straying from the conceptualization of the debut release. There’s a variety of beats and rhymes are held steady by the precision of two ill emcees.  In anticipation of the release, the Emerald Knights share the new video for “Heat Stroke,” and it’s fire.